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Special Comfort Gut - Reduced Mess Formula

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Title: Special Comfort Gut

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Special Comfort Gut: Special is exactly the same as comfort gut except it has been specially manufactured to be granular instead of a very fine powder. Being granular (similar in size to granulated sugar) it is less messy to work with but has a slightly reduced surface areas so would not be suitable for the more challenged horses who struggle with their weight/condition or stress either by temperament or workload. Comfort Gut: Special is mildly alkaline, ultra small pored, very low ash, vegetal carbon, designed specifically for feeding which adsorbs (binds to) toxins in the digestive tract like excess acid and eliminates it from the horse’s system in the manure.

Composition - Vegetal carbon; (granular charcoal) Analytical constituents: Crude Fibre 0%

**Feeding rate based on a 500kg horse**
1 x 10ml scoop = 8 grams

Daily Feeding:
AM 2 x 10ml scoops = 16 grams
PM 2 x 10ml scoops = 16 grams

Daily Total 32 grams

1kg lasts the average 500kg horse a month

** Disclaimer**
DO NOT give Comfort Gut to horses that have previously experienced and/or continue to experience constipation problems

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